“Tune-up” can mean many different things. Your vehicle may only require a standard tune-up. However, if you are experiencing any performance problems, diagnostics may be needed. Whatever your needs are, Clear Lake Auto Service can help. Our certified technicians, use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to diagnose most problems and provide a complete estimate of the work before any repairs are performed.

If your vehicle does require diagnostic services, we follow a 10-step process to make car repair friendly to our customers.

10 Step Process

  1. You and your sales associate identify symptoms of engine performance problems.
  2. We road test your vehicle to verify your concerns.
  3. Clear Lake Auto Service technicians perform a visual inspection of your engine’s major components.
  4. We check industry bulletins, manufacturer recall information, and tune-up specifications.
  5. We obtain trouble codes from your vehicle’s on board computer (if applicable).
  6. We perform a computerized analysis of your engine’s major systems.
  7. You and your sales associate review a detailed printout of our findings and discuss potential solutions to your problem.
  8. Once the Engine Diagnostic Service is complete, our technicians perform only the repairs that you authorize.
  9. We road test your vehicle again to assure complete satisfaction.
  10. All repairs are backed by our Clear Lake Auto Service Limited Warranty (see manager for details)

Clear Lake Auto Service Tune-up Services

  • Visual Inspection of engine components
  • Install spark plugs
  • Set timing and idle (if applicable)
  • Filter package (includes air and fuel filter)
  • Fuel system cleaning

Other engine components that may need service

  • Emissions
  • Engine sensors
    • Crank/Cam sensor
    • Oxygen sensor
    • Airflow sensor
    • EGR sensor
    • Map sensor
    • Temperature sensor
    • Throttle Position sensor
  • Coil packs
  • Distributor cap and rotor
  • Ignition wires
  • Ignition module
  • Fuel pump